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Finance Your Dream Home in Costa Blanca, Spain

Fancy Living in Spain?

For those of us who find the northern European climate too dull and dreary, especially when winter starts, living in Spain has been a dream. However, as the shadow of Brexit looms, some who would have happily spent time checking out Calpe homes for sale with a view to buying a residence or a second home, have found themselves hesitating to do so. The truth is, that if you have the finance, getting a mortgage to buy property in Spain isn’t difficult at all. The Real Estate Immo website would vouch for that. If you’ve been abandoning your dreams about Benidorm apartments or an Altea villa, maybe it’s time to have second thoughts. The current situation has some advantages for those interested in real estate in Calpe. At the moment, interest rates are quite low. When banks in Spain are dealing with mortgage applications, they only consider the current interest rate. Although Spanish mortgages are subject to variable interest rates, the mortgage providers simply do not consider the fact that the interest rate may vary over time. For mortgage purposes, the current rate is treated as the only one. This can be a big advantage for those interested in securing a mortgage in Spain. So it’s actually a favourable time. So, if you’ve been interested in checking out the possibility of a Spanish home, or second home, perhaps now is the time to look into it. The Costa Blanca region has traditionally been hugely popular with the Belgium, German, Nederland and other northern Europeans, so it’s a good place for the Second home buyers. There’s a good chance of having a local community which speaks your language, into which you can tap for support and information.

Costa Blanca Real Estate

There are a many Calpe homes for sale. Check the Calpe real estate listing and see. There’s Finestrat real estate too, if you’re interested in looking more widely in the region. When seeking a mortgage to buy a property in this country, one must prove to the lender ownership of the finance to cover the cost of mortgage repayments. They want that the mortgage repayments are covered by no more than 35% of your disposable income. You can borrow more if you’re a local resident and if the home you’re purchasing will be your main residence.

The value of the mortgage granted to a non-resident for a second home is normally up to a maximum of 60% of the lower of the declared price or the valuation. If you are a non-resident, but the property you are mortgaging will be your main residence or will soon become your main residence, then it may be possible to borrow up to 70% of the lower of the declared price or the valuation. If you are a resident of Spain and the property will be your main residence, you can borrow up to 80%. The maximum amount a bank will lend is one of the first questions you should ask them..

Finestrat Real Estate

Don’t limit your interest to the Calpe real estate listing. Along the Alicante coastal region there are properties available for the right buyers. In Finestrat, you can also enjoy the region’s advantages, namely climate, development and proximity to beautiful beaches. You can consider Benidorm apartments or an Altea Villa. Many places in this region can meet your requirements

Real Estate Immo

This is a reliable website to check for information on real estate in Calpe or Costa Blanca real estate. Keep this in mind as you pursue your dream of a home or holiday home in Spain. 00060000 d0cf1