Legal Service for Purchasing Property in Spain!

Property buying Essential Guidelines for Purchasing Property in Spain!

Buying the real estate property is one of the best investments you can make in any part of the world but when it comes to get the best of your investments, Spain emerges as an ideal place to buy property. With a favorable cost of living and a good rental income return, Spain has been the first choice of investors for years. However, buying real estate in Spain is not easy. So, how do you go about it?

Let’s outline the essential information that you need to have while making investment in real estate property in Spain.

Legal Advice –

Every nation of the world has its own governing system and Spain is no exception to it. If you want to invest in residential and commercial property in Spain, the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is its law. The system of property conveyance in Spain is very different . Hence, you need to get in contact with a right professional who has keen knowledge of the Spanish system. You can consider contacting an attorney who specializes in Spanish land law. 

Translators –

Since Spanish is the national language of Spain, most of its documents will be in Spanish. If you are unable to comprehend this language properly, you can have to face a lot of hassles at the time of real estate dealing procedure. So, make sure to hire an independent translator who can help you understand the property buying contracts and all the other relevant documentations.

Checklist of Property Purchase in Spain –

There is a lot that goes in the checklist of real estate investment in Spain. Make sure to check the following details:

  • The land has no charges or debts
  • The land for sale matches the registration details
  • The planning permissions are okay
  • There is no legal proceeding against the property
  • Check for building restrictions against the property
  • Know the actual value of the property as well as the final cost after taxation.
  • Carry out a survey on the property

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